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Kaspersky introduces ONE license for PC, smartphone & tablet security

Security company Kaspersky Lab on Tuesday announced a new program called Kaspersky ONE, where a single license covers the security software across all of a user’s devices: desktop, notebook, smartphone, and tablet.

Having security on your PC should be a given. It’s just a matter of personal preference which security suite you use. But when you own multiple PCs with vastly different hardware configurations, or multiple PCs and multiple mobile devices, comprehensive security is often not a priority. Kaspersky suggests that this is due to the hassle of multiple licenses for the different platforms we deal with.

So on October 17, Kaspersky will begin selling the Kaspersky ONE security licenses for three ($79.97), five ($99.95) or ten devices ($149.95) which covers Windows or Mac OS X, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile or BlackBerry smartphones, and Android-based tablets.

The product will also be available globally in 2012, but an exact launch date has not yet been announced.

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