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my6sense launches Chrome extension to filter crappy tweets

By Tim Conneally, Betanews

my6sense chrome extension

Israel-based software maker my6sense has branched out from its mobile app roots and launched a Chrome browser extension for Twitter on Wednesday. Like the my6sense app for iOS and Android, the Chrome browser extension strives to reduce the spam and irrelevant content for Twitter users who find themselves following just a bit too many people.

How many people can you follow on Twitter and not lose information? It’s been a subject of discussion for years, and prompted Twitter to launch list-based filtering back in 2009. Indeed, there are many third-party applications to help users organize and filter the potential Twitter overload.

Based upon all your prior behavior on Twitter (links you’ve clicked on, tweets you’ve favorited or retweeted, and your commonly-used keywords) my6sense determines what will be interesting to you. Furthermore, it deeply scans links for keywords and relevant information as well, so even if someone posts a URL-shortened link with no related text, it will look for relevant information. Naturally, not everything will be scannable by the extension, so it’s not perfect.

The new extension is available freely to all Google Chrome and ChromeOS users, and can be obtained at

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