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Our gift to you: O&O Defrag 12 Professional, but today only so hurry!

Would you like your PC to be faster? A high-end industrial-strength defrag tool could be just what you need to give it an extra performance boost. And while these normally aren’t cheap, our Downloadcrew Giveaway site is today (up until 23:59, Central European Time, December 23rd) giving away the excellent O&O Defrag 12 Professional Edition, normally $29, for nothing at all.

If you like an easy life then O&O Defrag 12 is the perfect defrag tool to have installed. It can monitor your drive’s condition in the background, automatically defragmenting your drive as soon as it spots any problems, so your hard drive is always running at peak performance. And setting this up is as straightforward as running a simple wizard.

If you’re happy to take just a little more control, though, you’ll find the program supports multiple defrag strategies to help you squeeze even more speed out of your system. So O&O Defrag 12 can sort files by name, modification date or last access time; by making, say, your most recently-edited files available first you should they’re then found and loaded more quickly.

And if you need to be master of your own hard drive then you’ll love the Zone Filing scheme, which divides your hard drive into slow, medium and fast areas. O&O Defrag 12 already knows that, say, the contents of your \Windows and \Program Files folders need to be running at the maximum possible speed, while Recycle Bin files can be safely left in the slow line. But you can also fine-tune the program by adding custom rules of your own, freely deciding which files and folders need accelerating, and which are less important.

There is a consequence to all this control, of course: the very first defrag you run can feel very slow. And that’s because the program isn’t just defragmenting files, it’s also reorganizing them to your and its own performance-boosting rules. Once this is done, though, future defrags should be very speedy (and if you have background defragmentation turned on then you may never notice them at all).

If you would like more power, though, you can always upgrade later to O&O Defrag 15 Professional, which delivers faster defragmentation, specific SSD support, improved power management, an easier to use interface, and more. You can upgrade for only $14.50, a chunky 50 percent discount off the usual price, just by ordering from the Downloadcrew store, but be quick – the offer expires December 31 2011.

Your first step should be to download O&O Defrag 12 Professional Edition, though. Just head along to the Downloadcrew Giveaway site, log in (or create a free account if you don’t have one already), grab your copy of the program and get a free serial code – but do it now, the offer is for December 23rd only, and expires at 23:59 Central European Time.

Photo Credit: Raimundas/Shutterstock

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