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Palm Pre News: Palm Pre Online Ads/Buzz Successful, Says comScore

comScore, released an analysis of recent online trends related to
the June debut of the Palm Pre. Launched on June 6, the Palm Pre debuted along with Sprint’s
innovative “Now Network” marketing campaign.   There was great exposure form the YouTube human clock campaign, search buzz for the Palm Pre shows that the ads worked, but waned with the introduction of the iPhone 3GS. The store location search on increased store location search by 40% due to the Palm Pre, while the introduction of the iPhone 3GS increased store search on AT&T by 90%.  The research also shows that interest in the iPhone 3GS and and Palm Pre were by different audiences.

Palm Pre Search Buzz

comScore suggest that trends
in the number of weekly searchers on terms relating to the Palm Pre show that the “Now Network” advertising campaign conducted by Sprint
during the second half of May helped generate early interest in the
device. The number of searchers more than doubled during the week
ending May 24, coinciding with the YouTube homepage takeover. Interest
declined somewhat during the following week, but rebounded in the two
subsequent weeks after the official launch of the device, with 267,000
searchers for the week ending June 7 and 361,000 for the week ending
June 14. The final two weeks in June saw the numbers of searchers fall
to approximately half the number of the peak week of activity.

Weekly Unique Searchers on Palm Pre Related Terms
Week Ending 5/10/2009 – Week Ending 6/28/2009
Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations
Source: comScore Marketing Solutions
Week Ending…

Unique Searchers for

Palm Pre (000)

5/10/2009 92
5/17/2009 83
5/24/2009 216
5/31/2009 140
6/7/2009 267
6/14/2009 361
6/21/2009 183
6/28/2009 163

Interestingly, this decline in Palm Pre search activity coincided
with the launch of the Apple iPhone OS 3.0 on June 17 and launch of the
iPhone 3GS two days later. Throughout May and the first week of June,
the number of unique iPhone searchers remained fairly consistent at
approximately one million people per week. In the week prior to the
launch of the 3GS, however, the number of iPhone searchers more than
doubled to 2.3 million people during the week of the launch.

Palm Pre appeared to resonate with a different audience than those
interested in the iPhone. Of the people who searched for Palm
-related terms during the eight weeks of the study, just 11 percent
also searched on iPhone-related terms, suggesting that the majority of
the people interested in the Palm Pre have little interest in the iPhone.

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