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Pattern emerges for Nexus One 3G problems, points to baseband firmware

By Scott M. Fulton, III, Betanews

In an effort to minimize the apparent scope of the problem faced by at least a sizable plurality of Nexus One customers this week, Google has issued a statement to the press. It essentially acknowledges what we’ve all seen with our eyes, that users are experiencing widespread 3G connectivity issues, but it offers no information as to what measures are being taken to address those concerns.

“We are aware of the issues that have affected a small number of users, and are working quickly to fix any problems,” reads the statement from Google to Betanews this afternoon. “We hope to have more information soon. When we do, we will post it to the user forum.”

In light of the multitude of complaints, in recent hours, some customers have logged onto Google’s support forum to report what they perceive as perfect service. Their assistance may end up being the most valuable to date for those who are not receiving perfect service: Collecting data together from the phones that have good 3G service and those that don’t, users reporting problems appear to have baseband firmware version number Contributors to T-Mobile’s support forum with problems also report this firmware version number. Users reporting no problems have either baseband firmware version number (note the reversed order of the last two digits) or

Should that pattern be verified, that would point to a problem with the firmware in some, not all, HTC-made Nexus One phones as the principal culprit, not capacity issues with the T-Mobile network as initially suspected.

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