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Qualcomm’s Mirasol full color e-reader display, one year later

By Tim Conneally, Betanews

At CES 2010, Qualcomm made a surprise unveiling of a full-color e-reader display technology called Mirasol that utilized a new reflective technology called IMOD (Interferrometric Modulation) that gave it the color and refresh of an LCD screen, but with the sunlight viewability and low battery consumption of e-paper. At CES 2011, the screen still hasn’t been employed in any e-readers yet, but it isn’t far from being a reality.

Though Qualcomm couldn’t tell me today who will be utilizing the technology in an e-reader/tablet, nor could they say when it should be expected, but judging by the company’s readiness to let the public handle its protoype version —as opposed to last year’s model, which was only viewed on appointment, and still couldn’t be touched– and time in development, a product offering the unique display should be in the channel this year.

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