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Report: BlackBerry Tour being rushed out

By Tim Conneally, Betanews

Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Tour world phone will be released this weekend on both Verizon and Sprint for 9, and while the device has been received warmly by reviewers and BlackBerry fans, a point of consistent criticism has been the device’s lack of Wi-Fi.

A report from Sprint has arrived, saying that Wi-Fi is a necessary feature in major devices, but the Tour was actually rushed out. Bringing the new BlackBerry to Sprint in a timely fashion outweighed the carrier’s desire to wait for Wi-Fi, according to the report. Consequently, a version of the BlackBerry Tour will be released next year equipped with 802.11.

Verizon would not directly confirm that it will also be offering a Wi-Fi enabled Tour next year, but it did say it was working with RIM to bring Wi-Fi to future BlackBerry models. This statement could actually refer to the BlackBerry Storm upgrade, which will reportedly endow Verizon’s exclusive touchscreen BlackBerry with Wi-Fi connectivity next September.

Research in Motion has not officially announced the device yet, but CEO Jim Balsillie confirmed to Reuters last May that a next-generation Storm was in the works.

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