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Samsung plans to make flexible screens a reality in 2012

After years of promises and demos both from Samsung and a host of other companies, the flexible screen is set to finally become a reality in 2012. Samsung confirmed plans during its quarterly conference call.

“The flexible display, we are looking to introduce sometime in 2012”, company spokesperson Robert Yi says. The company aims to introduce the first flexible screen device in the early part of the year. He adds that it would “probably start from the handset side”.

Following the debut of the technology in handsets, Yi says to expect the company to bring flexible handsets to other products over the rest of the year. The company has already shown concepts of an OLED screen that has technology embedded in the individual pixels allowing it to generate light.

That said, Samsung is not allowing those who have seen it to play with the screens: the screen is locked up in a case which keeps the screen bent. How far along Samsung really is in producing working production models of these screens is not really known.

If Samsung can meet its goals, it certainly would give the company a leg up on its competitors, including Apple which has proven to be its strongest — both in the marketplace and in the courts.

Is Apple working on similar technologies? It is hard to tell given the company’s secretive nature. Samsung is a parts vendor to Apple, so it is within the realm of possibility that Apple may purchase screens from the company. Apple is working on some flexible device technologies itself, however. Patent applications have surfaced showing that the Cupertino company might have plans to add a flexible display within its Magic Mouse.

Photo Credit: Brian Bilek

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