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Tip: Save money with Google Shopper

By Mark Wison

If you’re looking to save money or want to check out reviews of a product before making a purchase, Google Shopper may just be the app you’ve been looking for. Previously available for the Android platform, the app is now available for iPhone and iPod touch, making it possible to check prices and product details when on the high street.

The app takes full advantage of the iPhone and iPod touch camera, as it can be used to scan barcodes to speed up the process of performing searches. Once a product has been found it can be added to an ever-growing wishlist that can be shared with others — great for when your birthday is imminent.

Perhaps more importantly, the app also lists the prices of the product online so you can easily compare a huge number of sites for the best price. Where possible local prices are also listed, while the reviews can help you to determine whether to make a purchase based on other people’s experiences.

But the app is not limited to barcode scanning — the camera can also be used to take a photo of a book, album, game or DVD cover, and Google Shopper will perform impressive image comparison to find the product online. Standard text search is also available as are voice driven searches.

Available free of charge, Google Shopper is a free app that could save you a fortune over time and help you to make better buying decisions. Find out more and download a copy by paying a visit to the app’s review page.

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