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Transform your Mobile Windows device into a network Webcam…

WebCamera Plus 2.0WebCamera Plus 2.0 created by a Russian company Ateksoft is a software which transforms any Mobile Windows device into a real pocket Webcam and in addition with the management of the microphone it will also allow to have sound together with the picture.

Working with most of the terminals on the market it can use about any type of connection: USB port via ActiveSync, WiFi, Bluetooth or mobile networks EDGE and 3G. WebCamera Plus is also compatible with diverse software like Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Virtual Dub…

It is also possible to use the application on devices without APN to make them improvised microphones or realize screenshots of the mobile device. Finally, WebCamera Plus can transfer video directly to a PC the same way as a classic Webcam.

WebCamera Plus 2.0 works only under Windows XP / Vista / 2003 / 2008 for the PC and Mobile Windows 2003 to 6.1 for the PDAs. The software is sold at the 19.95 US$ and a trial version is freely downloadable on the site.

How WebCamera Plus Works

How WebCamera Plus Works

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