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Will you buy Windows Phone 7?

By Joe Wilcox, Betanews

It’s a question I’ve asked before, but it comes with new urgency. Microsoft will officially launch Windows Phone 7 in six days, on October 11th, with main event in New York City. The analysts give Windows Phone 7 little to no hope of catching rivals. Gartner predicts Microsoft’s mobile software will fall below “other” by 2014. But analysts peering into crystal balls, and often seeing fantasy futures, won’t be considering a Windows Phone 7 purchase. You will.

So I simply ask: Will you buy a Windows Phone 7 smartphone? But a yes or no answer isn’t good enough. I want reasons. Particularly for potential buyers, what are three reasons (more if you like) why you will buy into the Windows Phone 7 cosmos? For regular Betanews readers who are Microsoft fans, this is a great opportunity to rally for your company. But be smart, by being specific. Share what you hope to gain from a Windows Phone 7 smartphone rather than generally congratulate Microsoft or assert that somehow, someway the WP7 stormtroopers will retake the palace. Please answer in comments — or, better, by email: joewilcox at gmail dot com. I’ll compile the best responses into a separate post.

That said, the yeahsayers will have to share space with the naysayers. For people not planning to buy a Windows Phone 7 smartphone, I ask for reasons, too. And, please, don’t stink up comments or my inbox with horse poop. Provide good reasons why you won’t buy into the Windows Phone 7 cosmos. If you want to be taken seriously, don’t write “iPhone rocks” or “Micro$oft sucks.” Provide thoughtful reasons.

This isn’t rocket science, people. You buy stuff everyday, comparing this to that and compiling reasons (if just in the noggin) for why this over that. I understand that without a complete list of launch devices, prices or carrier calling/texting/data plans, you will be somewhat limited explaining why or why not.

Yesterday, to Betanews colleague Tim Conneally’s post about the October 11th launch, Prospero Uno gave a reason for not buying a Windows Phone 7 smartphone: “I was actually fairly bullish on the Win Phone 7 right up until they announced the AT&T exclusivity. I thought it had great potential, and I still do. It’s just that Microsoft has squandered that potential.” He doesn’t like AT&T, which U.S. exclusivity isn’t confirmed, by the way. Lots of people considering iPhone have expressed similar reservations about AT&T. The point: Like many buying decisions, factors unrelated to the product might affect or be your reasons.

As a little incentive, I’ve compiled some of my past Windows Phone 7 stories. I’m hoping to incite Microsoft fans to unite against my more negative stories and give those positive reasons why Windows Phone 7. 🙂

So, again, please respond in comments, or e-mail joewilcox at

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