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Gaming PCs not dead yet, says Lenovo

LAS VEGAS–“Although the discussion currently is centered on mobility, thin and light notebooks, and all-in-ones, the traditional desktop still hasn’t entirely lost its relevance.”

Lenovo takes a traditional approach with its IdeaCentre K430 gaming desktop.


That quote comes from Lenovo’s media brief for its new IdeaCentre K430 gaming desktop. While hard-core PC gamers likely never looked up long enough from Skyrim to question the health of their hobby, this system and HP’s Phoenix desktop come as a surprise amid the anticipated parade of ultrabooks.

The starting price for the K430 is $599, but that’s hardly the target price Lenovo has in mind. You can add a pair of AMD or Nvidia graphics cards. Memory goes up to a beefy 32GB. For hard drives, you can opt for 4TB of total storage via a pair of drives in RAID O mode, or you can mix it up with a 128GB solid-state drive (SSD).

Lenovo offers no specifics other than “Intel Core” processors. Given the May release window, and the 32GB RAM option, expect at least updated versions of Intel’s four- and six-core Core i7 3000 series and accompanying X79 chipset… [Read more]

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