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iPod touch, nano, and shuffle Spotted in Unreleased Colours on iTunes | NDTV Gadgets

Spotted first by a MacRumors reader, an image showing iPod touch, nano, and shuffle in colours not currently available in the market was seen while setting up or restoring an iPod in the new 12.2 client.

The new colours reported to be seen on the iTunes include Dark Blue (iPod touch), Gold/ Beige (), and Bright Pink (iPod Shuffle). Considering that Apple has not given its iPod lineup any refresh in recent times, we can expect the new colours to be soon available to purchase.

Further cementing the speculation is the Calendar app on iPod touch’s screen in the image showing a Tuesday 14 date, which coincidentally could be July 14. The models also don’t appear to sport a wrist strap attachment.

The last refresh Apple made to its iPod touch was in June last year, when the company launched a refreshed 16GB version of the iPod touch while also slashing prices for the 32GB and 64GB models.

We’d like to remind readers however, that until Apple confirms new colours of its iPod touch, nano, and shuffle, the above details will have to be taken with a pinch of salt.



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