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LG’s Dual Play gets serious with split-screen gaming

LG’s Dual play eliminates cheating on split-screen games such as MotoGP


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LG wants to bring the joy of split screen gaming back–minus the cheating that inevitably goes with it–with its Dual Play technology.

Split-screen gaming has enabled players to compete against each other on the same machine since the early days of consoles, popularized by games such as the original “Goldeneye.”

LG’s passive Dual Play mode, available on 2012 TVs with passive 3D, enables two people to play on the same screen and is presumably compatible with any console game that includes a top-bottom split screen. With LG’s Dual Play enabled and the special Dual Play glasses, the company says players see two discreet, full-screen images, as opposed to the traditional split screen.

Sony’s flawed PlayStation 3D display performed the same function but required more expensive active glasses and only worked with a couple of PS3 games.

Enterprising people on the net have worked out how to perform LG’s Dual Play as a DIY project but it’s nice to see LG including this as a standalone mode.

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