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MobileBits and NVIDIA bring SoulCraft THD to Android, get in on the open beta now


Game developer MobileBits has teamed up with NVIDIA to bring SoulCraft THD to the Android platform for Tegra devices. SoulCraft THD is currently in an open beta, meaning they’re looking for Tegra users to test out the game and help them iron out any bugs that need fixing.

SoulCraft THD is an Action RPG, with an apocalyptic fantasy setting where Humans, Angels, and Demons fight for the future of the world through completing various quests. Most of you who’ve played RPGs or MMORPGs will feel right at home with this genre, and the quest-based gaming you’re used to is replicated in SoulCraft.

In the open beta, you’ll only be allowed to play as the Angel class, which has teamed up with the Demons to bring the apocalypse to the world. Venice, Italy and Hamburg, Germany will serve as the two main locales in the beta, with New York, Tokyo, and Washington D.C. levels coming soon.

We haven’t spent much time with SoulCraft THD yet, but we think the gameplay is sure to please those of you who enjoy games in the RPG genre. We have a few RPG-lovers on the staff, and we’ll be checking out the beta over the next couple of weeks to let you know what we think of it. In the meantime, check out the launch trailer and gameplay videos below to check out what you’re getting yourself into.

THe open beta for SoulCraft THD can be found on the Android Market for free.

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