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Samsung Galaxy Note megaphone a sure thing for CES 2012

CES signage proclaims the Samsung Galaxy Note…mostly.

Photo by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET)

Big phone or small tablet? That’s the question we originally asked of the Samsung Galaxy Note when we first beheld it last September. If you believe the signage festooning the entrance to the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, Samsung isn’t quite sure, either.

Even if a strip missing from the giant poster leaves a gap in the name of the Android device, it’s clear from the branding of the phone/tablet hybrid, and from the hardware design itself, that this is none other than the fabled device introduced in Europe earlier this year. Rumor has it that the U.S. version of the Note will be one of the handsets to beef up AT&T’s 4G LTE network, and based on the phone’s European beginnings, it makes good sense that it’ll come to the largest of the country’s two GSM carriers.

The smartphone boasts a 5.3-inch screen, a hulk among jumbo phones. That’s the form factor that fell flat when Dell tried it on for size on the … [Read more]

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