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SONY Ericsson LiveView 2 sighted on show floor before CES kicks off


With the CES show floor set to open in a little more than a day, it’s only natural that we start seeing some show floor sneak peeks. The latest gadget to be spotted on the CES show floor is a new watch-like device from SONY Ericsson which looks very similar to last year’s LiveView. The device features a solid greed rubber wrist band and a “spring-loaded clip” which should allow used to remove the display and use it as an independent device.

Unfortunately, no description card was spotted with the device, but we’re going to assume for now that we’re looking at the SONY Ericsson LiveView 2. While many loved the concept behind the original LiveView, the actual implementation and performance of the Android accessory simply didn’t live up to consumer expectations. Let’s hope the SONY Ericsson LiveView 2 doesn’t disappoint.

We know all of you are keeping an eye out  for all those new phones and tablets which will be unveiled in the next 24 hours, but we’re expecting Android powered accessories like the SONY Ericsson  LiveView 2 and i’m watch to grab a lot of attention this year at CES.

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