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Star Trek’s Enterprise as a DIY gondola? Why not?

What's the U.S.S. Enterprise doing lounging in a canoe in a Venice, Calif., canal?

Edward Moyer/CNET)

There’s no telling where you might encounter the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Since 1966 it’s been on a many-year mission to explore strange new worlds of the pop psyche, to seek out new life as a pizza cutter or a Halloween costume for a dog, to boldly go where no spacecraft–fictional or otherwise–has gone before.

So while in LA recently, exploring the beachside neighborhood of Venice and its canals (vestiges of the Italianate fantasy the area had been in the early 20th century), we weren’t exactly surprised to round a corner and run into our beloved starship.

The Enterprise as a gondola? Why not?

Many of the lucky residents of canal-side houses have boats and canoes and such, and it seems that some of these folks like to engage in a bit of DIY geekery.

We wanted to ask someone about the charmingly jury-rigged vessel and its clever maker, but unfortunately there was no one about (except for that one guy with the pointy ears and severe bangs, and he was dozing contentedly in a deck chair and we didn’t want to distur… [Read more]

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