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Vuzix’s video glasses minimize the dork factor

Vuzix says its Smart line will enable 3D video in glasses that are compact enough for mainstream use.


Sure, the idea of augmented reality has some appeal.

Overlaid on your view of the real world, your Net-connected glasses show navigation instructions, prompt you with the name of the person you’re talking to, and run an ad-blocker app to turn billboards into wallpaper with soothing nature photos. And with one display for each eye, you see in 3D, so you can turn the outisde world into an immersive videogame.

The only problem is that you look like a total dork walking around with bulky electronic devices stuck to your face.

Vuzix envisions military applications for its video glasses, including night vision.


Vuzix, which sells such products, says it’s got the problem licked with a new technology developed on its own and licensed from Nokia that it’ll unveil at CES. Its approach, which Vuzix calls Smart glasses, uses waveguides that channel light from a display engine to a 1.4mm-thick lens mounted in front of the users’ eyes.

The lens captures what’s in front of the viewer, then mixes the computer and real-world imagery. It works in anything from night to broad daylight, and can be used to record what a person sees, too.

“And, all this technology neatly fits into the t… [Read more]

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