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Chicago zoo introduces ‘Alexander Camelton’

(CNN)Caregivers at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo were inspired by the Broadway hit musical “Hamilton” when they named their new baby camel.




    Lincoln Park Zoo presents “Alexander Camelton”


Introducing Alexander Camelton.
    The zoo revealed the name — a nod to one of America’s founding fathers Alexander Hamilton — on International Ungulate Day, which celebrates the diversity among hoofed animals.
    “We had a keeper who just tossed the name out and it kind of just stuck,” said Jillian Braun, public relations manager for the zoo. “Everyone likes a good pun.”
    After hearing the news, “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda showed his appreciation via Twitter.
    Alexander Camelton was born on May 9 inside the zoo’s camel enclosure in front of the public and is the first camel calf born there since 1998.


    The baby Bactrian camel is 4 feet tall and weighed in at 81 pounds at birth. He’s the first successful offspring of Nasan and her mate Scooter.
    According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Bactrian camel is critically endangered.

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