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Eight most relatable moments from Mike Pence’s Pennsylvania haircut

(CNN)Republican presidential nominee Mike Pence got his hair cut at Jones Barber Shop in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday. Since we’re less than 80 days away from the election, it was prime photo op and a chance for the Indiana governor to remind America he’s just like us.

He sits on the edge of his seat hoping that the cut isn’t too short.

    He had to get his wife’s approval.

    He talked about sports with his barber, Henry Jones, who had a picture of former Philadelphia Eagle Calvin Williams on the wall.

    As if precision work isn’t stressful enough for Mr. Jones, he had to get this close to a vice presidential nominee’s head with scissors with the Secret Service watching.

    Pence got to experience what we can all agree is the most fun part of a haircut.

    He did a little quality control.

    He got to brush his shoulders off.
    And after his haircut was over, as happens to the best of us, he had to tell his barber who he is.

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