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#SaysWho? You don’t want to know

(CNN)Donald Trump and his campaign are uncomfortable with the truth. Mr. Trump has made that clear throughout his campaign, and on Wednesday his chief counsel, Michael Cohen, punctuated the point in a tense interview with CNN’s Brianna Keilar.

“You guys are down,” Keilar said.
    “Says who?” Cohen asked.
    “Polls … most of them,” Keilar continued. Maybe even “all of them?”
    There was an unusually long silence long enough, perhaps, for anyone listening to hear Trump’s poll numbers dropping further, in real time, on live television.
    “Says who?” Cohen asked again.
    “Polls,” said Keilar. “I just told you.”


    But what do polls matter, really? Or a letter signed by dozens of Republican national security officials and another one by 120 elected officials from every GOP administration since President Ronald Reagan, both opposing Trump?
    Apparently none of this matters. Facts and the opinions of others, Trump seems to think, are worthless.
    Says who?
    “I’m speaking with myself, number one,” Trump tells us. “Because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things.”
    And that, America, should scare us all.

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