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The hottest new apps of the week let you try on tattoos, schedule a pizza order, and streamline your mobile keyboard

The Daily Dots weekly app round-up brings you five new, or newly updated, apps for bothiOSandAndroidthat are well worth your time and attention.

Trapdoors (iOS,Android)


The world of free mobile gaming is full of hallways to endlessly run and puzzle snacks to smash, but its been a minute since the classic stressful platformer had a moment to shine. Without a Mario or a Super Meat Boy to call our own, where is the platformer fan to turn? The answer is TrapDoors, a 100 level exercise in stressful jumps and soothing tunes.

Players navigate a small friendly square across multitiered levels, collecting keys and stars while dodging spike traps, pits, and moving platforms designed to bring you to an early geometric grave. TrapDoors features a lovely, chill soundtrack which will sooth you during all the moments youll want to scream profanity and throw your phone against the wall. As you progress in the game you can even unlock new characters. Best of all this little tribute to those stressful classics of yesterday is free in the app store. An ad free upgrade is available for just $1.99. If you have as much fun with TrapDoors as we did throw the developers your hard earned gold.

Microsoft HUB keyboard (iOS)


Its hard out there for Microsoft addicts who use iOS for their mobile lives, but the release of Microsofts Hub Keyboard is about to make it a little easier. Hub allows Microsoft 365 users with iOS devices to easily insert the last text theyve copied from a document, share URLs to 365 documents in OneDrive or SharePoint, and easily share contacts from their 365 account without having to switch from app to app. Rest easy Microsoft friends, you had a win this week.

InkHunter (iOS)


Have you always wanted a tattoo but didnt know how it would look on your body? Thanks to InkHunter and the power of augmented reality you will wonder no more. With InkHunter you can try out a tattoo before you go under the needle, using either the apps own included designs or by uploading your own. Once youve selected the image for your digital “tattoo you can rotate the image or increase its size to see how different variations would work.

We ran InkHunters demo past tattoo artist Emily Effler of the Honorable Society in Los Angeles California to see what an actual tattoo artist thought of the app. She says for people who are on the fence about a tattoo this could help make their placement decisions easier, however there were times the app suggested that a tattoo might look good at a size that wouldnt actually work in real life. Remember when it comes to ink, always trust your artist, but if youre still making a decision Ink Hunter might help you out.

Reddit: The Official App (iOS,Android)


In 2014 Reddit purchased Alien Blue, the most popular unofficial app for reading and posting on the front page of the internet. Today that acquisition paid off with the release of Reddits first official mobile app, bringing many of the features you know and love from Alien Blue while introducing an easier way to read Reddit’s wealth of content.

Users can upvote, downvote, jump from subreddit to subreddit with ease, and most importantly, read the site easily from your mobile device for once. Pictures look great, threads are easier to follow than ever before, and theres even a nighttime mode to ensure you dont strain your eyes while you stay up past your bedtime reading Creepy Pasta. Reddit promises to update the app monthly with new features so keep your eyes peeled. Your workplace productivity may not know whats about to happen.

Zero Click from Dominos (iOS,Android)


Dominos Pizza has launched a new app called Zero Click in celebration of giving up on life. The pizza giant knows that sometimes the weight of the world is too much and you cant allow something as simple as pressing multiple buttons to get in between you and a hot pie. Accordingly, the app now allows users to order a pizza by simply launching the app.

This pizza panic button launches a 10 second timer. At the end of the 10 seconds the pizza you have listed under your account as your Easy Order will be summoned from Dominos. Your card will be charged, pizza will be delivered, and youll have a lot more free time to think about what weve become.

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