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If you don’t know it yet, Roku is a popular and best-selling streaming player. It can play Netflix, Vimeo, Amazon rentals, Hulu Plus, Pandora Radio, and bunch of streaming news and movie services, and everything else it does is a pleasant add-on, especially motion-controlled Angry Birds (for the XS Version).

Roku delivers over 150,000 movies and shows with your existing subscriptions like Netflix and features up to 1080p HD video and support for English subtitles. And if you like TV shows, try Hulu Plus. Roku Channel choices include also Amazon Prime videos.

With Roku streaming player you can have the biggest selection of live sports packages, including NBA, NHL, MLS, UFC, MLB and more.

You can play unlimited music, any time with Roku from Pandora and MOG to ShoutCast and your iTunes library.

You don’t need a PC to use Roku streaming player, just connect it to your TV and wireless (Wi-Fi) network and enjoy movies, TV shows, music, live sports and games.

The Wii-like motion controller game remote, for the Roku 2 XS model comes with Angry Birds and more 2D casual games are planned for the future.

Roku streaming player has a channel installer and combined with a web app you can make it easier to manage all your channels.

The tiny Roku 2 streaming player has an IR receiver so you can use a universal remote with it, but the included remote uses RF signals and doesn’t need line-of-sight to the box.

Roku 2 XS can run on pretty much any TV (it includes composite cables) and can display up to 1080p resolutions.

You can enjoy a lot of flexibility with Roku 2 which operates on a modified Linux OS.

Some disadvantages of the Roku streaming player can rely on the fact that you have to provide your own HDMI cable or USB cable (for the XS model). It will not replace your PS3, PC or WII as a gaming platform but online scrabble, card type games can be an interesting option.

Adding multiple channels can become a tedious task if you don’t combine with some web or PC apps.

But the plus features of the Roku streaming player are that everyone can do it with the simple remote, just choose what you want to watch and it just starts, there is no extra monthly bills just enjoy tons of free movies, shows, and music and it’s always getting better as Roku is continuously adding more entertainment.

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Roku Streaming Player Specifications

Roku LT Streaming PlayerRoku 2 HD Streaming PlayerRoku 2 XD Streaming PlayerRoku 2 XS Streaming Player


802.11n Wi-Fi (b/g/n compatible) with WEP, WPA and WPA2 support
10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Bluetooth version 3.0 (currently enabled for use with Roku game remote only)

Video Outputs

480i (over composite video)
480p (over HDMI)
720p (over HDMI)
1080p (over HDMI)

Video Modes

4:3 standard
16:9 anamorphic
720p high-definition (HD)
1080p High Definition (HD)

Audio Output

Analog stereo (mini-jack to left/right/composite video RCA)
Digital over HDMI (5.1 surround sound pass-through)

Storage Expansion

microSD card slot for additional game and channel storage

Remote Control

Standard Roku infrared remote control
Streaming player includes IR. Compatible with various universal remotes
Roku Bluetooth game remote (with motion sensing for playing games)

Power Consumption

Less than 2W (typical) when streaming HD video

Power Input

5.2V – 1.5A power adapter

USB Media Formats

Video: MP4 (H.264)
Audio: AAC, MP3
Image: JPG, PNG


3.3 x 3.3 x 0.9 inches


3 ounces

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