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Microsoft to raise wholesale prices by a third

British businesses using Microsoft products face massive increases in their bills, after the software giant said it would increase its wholesale prices by up to a third.


Five ‘top LulzSec hackers’ to face charges in New York

Group LulzSec is infamous for allegedly having hacked into the CIA, and members will face charges in New York.


NFC Payment Plans Face Detractors as Tech Comes to the United States

Mobile payment technologies may be slow to spread, at least in the U.S., as polls show Americans are suspicious of NFC technology for security reasons, analysts say.

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Tweeting about a bad day could lose you your job

Employees who tweet or update their Facebook status saying ‘I had a bad day at work’ could face losing their jobs, says a leading employment lawyer.


David Cameron: keeping up with children’s internet skills is ‘daunting’ for parents

Parents face a “daunting” task in keeping up with their children’s mastery of new technology, David Cameron said as he backed a new internet safety guide.


Too much innovation at The Post?

In his latest column, Post ombudsman Patrick Pexton wonders if The Post is innovating too fast. “Hardly a week goes by without the Web site or newspaper launching some feature, or a venture to attract more revenue, or a blog, or a social media innovation,” Pexton writes.

Poynter’s Craig Silverman asked The Post’s Managing Editor Raju Narisetti what he thought of Pexton’s column. Noting that he respects the ombudsman’s independence and duty to write about the issues Post readers face, Narisetti disagrees. Read his full response below and share your thoughts in the comment thread.


Can you return iPhone 4S?

It’s the question everyone who preordered or purchased on launch day and is having battery-life problems should ask. That’s because the 30-day return window closes in two days and may already have passed for others.


Cardiocam mirror keeps a check on your heart


We’ve come across all kinds of gadgets recently that have been designed to keep a check on our health, like Jawbone’s Up Band and Withings’ blood pressure monitor for the iPhone. While it’s certainly brilliant to see technological advances having a positive impact on health and medicine, I often wonder how many people will actually but these kinds of monitors, apps and tools to good use in the long run.


LG’s New Chocolate Gets Luxury Wrapper

By now you’ve seen screenshots of consumer electronics company, LG’s latest interaction of the Chocolate, the BL40 and let’s face it, delicious and delectable are totally appropriate descriptions. Not one to rest on their laurels, LG has teamed up with fashion label,Twenty8Twevle to create limited edition designer cases for “the supermodel of cell phones.”



Vanity, Thy Name is Ad Notum


Let’s face it. Sometimes we look so good its hard to stop checking ourselves out in the mirror. Ad notam, creator of the LCD mirror is about to make the dilemma that much harder, thanks to it’s new Vanity line of mirrors. Shaped like a halved oval or a subtly curved “V”, the Vanity is a stylish way to admire oneself.